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Sha’Keylia Robinson

My name is Sha’Keylia Robinson and Ignite had a strong impact in my life through college.

When I began coming to Ignite as a freshmen, I was very introverted and I would pray quietly to myself. In the last four years, ignite challenged me to become more talkative with with my fellow Ignite members and I received amazing friendships. Ignite also challenged me to pray aloud more rather than to myself.

In my freshman year, I would also sit by the wall and sing the worship songs, but now I am expressing my praise and worship through praise dancing and singing.

Ignite has helped me grow closer to Christ in the last four years by teaching me the word of God to become the Christian that he requires me to be.

Ignite has also helped me grow closer to Christ in the last four years through the Ignite retreats which allowed me to get away from the campus and made it easier for me to hear from God in order to do what he needs me to do and receive the assistance that I have been praying for.

I am so blessed that Ignite became a part of my life to change who I am as a person and as a Christian.

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