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To put it simply, Ignite was a pillar of my college experience and is a part of the foundation of who I’ve become.

Before Monmouth, my faith kind of came and went like the tide. It was usually stronger in the summer when I would go on mission trips as a teenager and pretty bland when left to my own devices. I didn’t know a ton of Christian music, I had a completely different idea for my career path, and most
importantly I didn’t really understand how God saw me or how much I could affect those around me.

And that’s really how I stayed for a year of college. I made a lot of questionable decisions when I was a freshman, I paid almost no attention to the spiritual part of my life, and every other part of my life suffered in some way. Now I wasn’t aggressively unhappy and I certainly had some very good things in my life, but I was lacking. And the scary part is I didn’t really know I was lacking until I got a taste of the kind of fulfillment I was supposed to have.

I stumbled into Ignite the beginning of my sophomore year and had my eyes opened to the kind of life God always knew I could be living. I found more courage to talk to people I didn’t know, I was comfortable being my weird, goofy self around a group of people I knew I could trust to accept me, I cried when God would reveal himself more to me in the form of prayers, music, and time alone, and ultimately I just grew.

I was blessed to serve as a worship leader and president for the group and that time burned practical skills and traits into me that I use on a regular basis now that I’m out of school like humility, time management on a deadline, patience during insanity, and showing genuine openness and kindness for people that may never appreciate it.

Ignite prepared me for events in both my professional and personal life, it gave me a safe haven when the rest of the world was chaos around me, it kicked my butt when I needed to be kicked, and provided me with good times I will always cherish.

I have been ignited, and my flame will not go out.

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