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Dan Asbell is a 2013 graduate of Monmouth College where he served as a student leader of the Ignite Monmouth group and attended the 2011 Czech mission trip. He currently serves on the Ignite Board as the Treasurer. This is his story:

I recently had the opportunity to speak to my hometown church about my recent missions trip to the Czech Republic (2011). Not only did I talk about the trip itself but I also gave the sermon for that Sunday’s worship service. This was a really scary task for me. Even though I’ve been going to this church my entire life, I had never done anything like this before. Usually, I just hide in the background and do whatever that needs to be done there.

After I finished preaching, people were really amazed at the growth they’ve seen in me in the past few years. People would say that I’m not the same boy that would sit quietly in the pews just a few years back. They told me how proud they were of what I’ve done and were very excited about the possibilities I had in my future. I give God all the credit for these things, but I know that they never would have happened without a group like Ignite.

God used Ignite and the all the people in the group to help me grow and blossom into the person that I am today.

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