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Faith grows and God shows up in powerful new ways when we take steps out of our comfort zone — and nothing pushes us out of our comfort zones like traveling to another country to share the gospel of Christ.

That’s what Ignite Missions is all about: giving students and young adults the opportunity to step outside their comfort zones, trust God in a new way, and use their gifts and talents to expand the work of His kingdom — reaching out to those who don’t know Christ, training to and encouraging fellow believers, being encouraged by fellow believers, experiencing new cultures and food, and building lifelong, international friendships.

What do you have to lose, except for fear?


What to Expect

Mission Trips
Each Ignite Mission Trip is different, focused on assisting our partners in other countries. However, you can expect each trip to contain some of the following:

  • Planned Outreach Events
  • Spontaneous Outreaches
  • Youth Services and Prayer Times
  • Individual Prayer Times
  • Construction or Work Projects
  • Team Debrief Meetings
  • Free Days for Sightseeing / Shopping

Trip Preparation
Leading up to the Ignite Mission Trip, you should expect to spend time doing:

  • Fundraising Preparation / Mailings
  • Fundraising Events
  • Calling Donor Prospects
  • Presenting at Churches
  • Team Meetings for Planning
  • Message / Session Prep

Frequently Asked Questions

You don’t have to be involved in and Ignite group to come on an Ignite mission trip. However, most mission trips have a limit of team members who can attend and preference is given to students who are actively involved in an Ignite group.

Once you are accepted on an Ignite mission team, we go to work getting fundraising supplies ready for you, setting you up an account, and building the structure of the trip around the talents of the team members. The deposit ensures you are serious about the trip and covers the costs of supplies and reservations made for you.

Most people can’t – and that’s okay! Our mission teams get to work raising the money needed to cover the cost of the trip through sending out letters, calling family and friends, speaking at their home churches, and, if needed, engaging in fundraising events.

Don’t get us wrong – it will be work and you might be a little uncomfortable asking people for money, but fundraising grows your faith and prepares you to trust God outside of your comfort zone on the trip itself.

Most likely, no. It just depends on the location of the trip. The team leader will inform you in advance if any shots or vaccines are needed.

Most post offices can take passport applications — simply fill out the form, attach a passport photo (available at any Walgreens), and pay the fee, and you’re set!

If your post office doesn’t handle passports, the County Clerk’s office at your county courthouse or administration building does handle it.

Just make sure you bring:

  • Driver’s License
  • Birth Certificate
  • Passport Photo (available at Walgreens)
  • Application Fee (roughly $125)
  • Dates + Locations of Trip

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