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Ignite believes the local church is the hope of the world — and getting college students plugged into a local church helps them become even better followers of Christ and prepares them to be leaders in the faith. It’s why each Ignite group is sponsored by a local church.


A sponsor church is the life blood of every Ignite group, impacting students from around the world right in their own “backyard”.


A sponsor church takes responsibility of the local Ignite group, helping to launch and lead an effective, life-changing ministry at the local college campus.

You pick a Church Advisor — a staff member or volunteer who takes the reigns of the local group — and Ignite provides training, mentorship, resources, and ongoing assistance to help you reach students with the gospel message.

We’ll help you navigate starting a group, becoming recognized on campus, running effective outreaches, building strategy for your local campus (we don’t believe in a cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all way of doing ministry), running large and small groups, and equipping student leaders to do the ministry.

You decide on the best outreaches, formats, strategy, and structure to the group and partner with us to do the ministry of reaching students for Christ.


  • We will train your church advisor and student leaders for free.
  • Your church calls the shots – meaning we don’t come in and try to control you.
  • We provide leadership and group resources – like small group guides, devotion packets, bible reading plans, and more!
  • Ignite provides our name, logo, space on our website, resources, FREE training, marketing materials, and leads the Encounter Retreats and Mission Trips.


Ignite exists to empower and resource churches and students to launch and lead effective ministries at the local college campus. We desire to see a generation of youth, young adults, and university students passionately pursuing Christ in all they do and transforming the world.


Launching a college ministry can be daunting, especially if you don’t know where to start. Ignite provides resources and training to help your church launch a life-changing college ministry.

Launch Resources Include:

  • Creating Vision
  • Developing Church Participation
  • Volunteer Leader Training
  • Marketing Materials
  • Sample Constitution
  • Prayer Walking Guide
  • Custom Strategy for Your Campus


Leading a growing college ministry after launch has its own set of challenges. Ignite provides resources and training to help your church lead a life-changing college ministry.

Lead Resources Include:

  • Developing Group Ownership
  • Outreach Strategies
  • Small Group Training
  • Leadership Development Training
  • Community Building Events
  • Ignite Retreats + Mission Trips


Not at a place to launch and lead a full blown college ministry, but still want to impact college students with the gospel? Ignite offers other opportunities to spread the gospel on college campuses.

Our Ignite groups are always looking for individuals and churches who will come along side and help them impact the local campus for Christ. There are a number of ways your church can get involved without having to take on the responsibility of sponsoring a group.

Here are just a few ideas:

  • Promote the Ignite group and the Ignite Retreat in your church
  • Lead an on-campus small group through Ignite
  • Speak at an Ignite gathering
  • Lead worship at an on-campus Worship Night
  • Start an Adopt-a-Student program
  • Commit to mentor a student
  • Assist with an outreach
  • Bake cookies / provide snacks
  • Provide food for an Ignite Retreat
  • Host a cookout / potluck for students

If you’re ready to help ignite students to passionately pursue Christ, simply contact your local Ignite Staff member, or shoot us an email and  we’ll get you connected!

Every semester, Ignite hosts the Ignite Retreat – a three day event designed to help students have a genuine encounter with God. We believe one encounter with God can change a life, and have seen 100’s of lives changed during the Ignite Retreats.

Ignite does all it can to keep the cost of the retreat low for students — around $60 per person — but for some students, even that is too much.

We made a vow when we started the Ignite Retreats that money would never be a reason why a student misses out on the chance to encounter God — and often need to raise anywhere from $500-$1,000 a semester to cover scholarships.

If you would like to help a student have a genuine encounter with God, one of the best ways is to provide a $60 scholarship (or more) for a student in need. The money does straight to a student in need at the college closest to your church, and is tax-deductible.

Visit our Donate page to provide a scholarship today!

In order to keep the cost of the retreat affordable for students, we look for churches and businesses willing to sponsor the retreat by placing an ad in our Ignite Retreat Booklet. A retreat sponsorship helps cover:

  • Scholarships for students who need assistance
  • Resources to help students grow in their faith
  • Supplies to make the retreat sessions better
  • Food – students do like to eat!

Ad Sizes

Below are the sizes and costs of ads available:

  • Back Cover = $150 Final trim size: 6″x9″ Printed in full color
  • Inside Back Cover = $100 Final trim size: 6″x9″ Printed in full color
  • Half Page Ad = $65 Final trim size: 6″x4.5″ Printed in black and white
  • Full Width Ad = $50 Final trim size: 6″x2″ Printed in black and white
  • Box Ad = $25 Size: 2.5″x2″ Printed in black and white

Place an Ad


Start the process to Ignite Your Campus!

  1. Identify a nearby campus

  2. Contact Ignite for help

  3. Pastor sends in Sponsoring Church Application

  4. Ignite comes to your church to train advisors and help you get started for free